Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Does your Bible look like mine with little ripped pieces of paper in about 5 different places that keep falling out? Or do you use a bunch of post-its or bookmarks and wish that your Bible would come with more than the one, standard, burgundy, satin ribbon that frays after about a month?

Are you diligently reading your Bible in a year and desire a marker that would help you keep track of your McCheyne reading plan? So did I!!

My sister and I had an idea about ribbon markers and I've been experimenting and I think I've come up with something that will work and last!

I've chosen colorful, nice quality grosgrain ribbons (and a few satin ones if the pattern was cute). The spine is stiff and covered with ribbon. The ribbon markers are sewn tightly in so it won't be falling apart while reading Deuteronomy. You place the stiff ribbon into the spine so that you don't have to keep taking the ribbon in and out. Each FaithMark comes with four (4) ribbons.

Here's how you put it in:

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

And voila! Isn't it cute? :love:

I wish my camera would capture the true colors - they are so vibrant!
These ribbon markers are great for hardcover books or textbooks as well. Students love them!

Here are some of the combinations I'm offering:

1. Mandarin Blossoms and Dots Standard only
1. Mandarin Blossoms and Dots

2. Black and Yellow Daisies Standard only
2. Black and Yellow Daisies

3. Red and White Pansies, Hint of Blue Sold Out
3. Red Pansies, Hint of Blue

4. Red Daisies 1 Standard only
4. Red Daisies

5. Orchid Argyle - SOLD OUT
5. Orchid Argyle

6. Lavender Bloom - SOLD OUT
6. Lavender Bloom

7. Sugar and Spice
7. Sugar and Spice

8. Spring Blush - SOLD OUT
8. Spring Blush

9. Pink and Brown Stripes 1 standard, 1 extra-thick left
9. Pink and Brown Stripes

10. College Pink
10. College Pink

11. Teal and Apple Green
11. Teal and Apple Green

12. Paisley Blue - SOLD OUT
12. Paisley Blue

13. Orange Dots and Stripes Standard only
13. Orange Dots and Stripes

14. Green Apple SOLD OUT
14. Green Apple

15. Cornflower Blue SOLD OUT
15. Cornflower Blue

16. Retro Brown and Pink Standard only
16. Retro Brown and Pink

17. Pretty in Hot Pink NEW!
17. Pretty in Hot Pink

18. Dotty About Green and Blue NEW!
18. Dotty About Green and Blue

19. Chocolate Mousse 1 Standard left
20. Chocolate Mousse

20. Midnight Black and Blue Standard size only left
21. Midnight Black and Blue

21. Mint Chocolate NEW!
22. Mint Chocolate

22. Sherbet NEW!
23. Sherbet

23. Violet Gingham NEW!
24. Violet Gingham

When ordering, please indicate:
1. Quantity
2. Spine size: standard size (fits Bibles 1" - 1.5") or an extra-thick spine (fits widths >1.6").

Each FaithMark comes gift-ready!

Each FaithMark is $6 plus shipping.
Shipping is $1 for the first FaithMark and $0.25 for each additional one.

I'll accept paypal or personal check. Email me if you'd like to order!

My website (not yet completed!) is


Elizabeth said...

Whoa Nellie, those ribbons are soo cute!
I think I'll take a dozen of every color.
; )
Just Kidding

JenIG said...

good heavens, those are delightful!

i love them!